In this sermon, Rev. C.H. Spurgeon explores the sin of unbelief and its consequences. He emphasizes that unbelief is not only a lack of faith, but a rejection of God’s promises and a denial of His power. Spurgeon warns that unbelief is the root of all other sins and leads to spiritual death. He also highlights the punishment that awaits those who die in unbelief.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the sin of unbelief according to Spurgeon? How does he describe its nature and consequences?
  2. How does unbelief affect a person’s ability to perform good works? Why is faith necessary for pleasing God?
  3. Spurgeon mentions several biblical examples of unbelief and its punishment. What can we learn from these stories?
  4. How does unbelief hinder our ability to receive God’s blessings and salvation? Why is faith essential for experiencing the fullness of God’s grace?
  5. Spurgeon states that unbelief is the damning sin and that there is no atonement for it. What does this mean for those who die in unbelief? How does this emphasize the urgency of faith in Christ?
  6. How can we guard against unbelief in our own lives? What steps can we take to strengthen our faith and trust in God’s promises?
  7. Reflect on the consequences of unbelief mentioned in the sermon. How does this motivate you to cultivate a deeper faith in Christ?


Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you humbly, acknowledging our need for your grace and mercy. We confess that at times we struggle with unbelief, doubting your promises and questioning your power. We ask for forgiveness for our lack of faith and pray that you would strengthen our trust in you. Help us to rely on your word and to believe in your goodness, even in the face of trials and difficulties. Lord, we pray that you would open our eyes to see the truth and beauty of your salvation, and that you would fill our hearts with unwavering faith. May we never be counted among those who die in unbelief, but instead may we experience the fullness of your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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