This sermon by C.H. Spurgeon explores the conversion of Saul and the power of prayer. Spurgeon emphasizes that prayer is noticed in heaven, brings joy to the angels, and is a sign of sincerity and election. The sermon concludes with a call to believers to prioritize prayer and a warning to the ungodly about the consequences of a prayerless life.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does the conversion of Saul demonstrate God’s power to transform even the most hardened persecutors into devoted followers of Christ?
  2. Why do you think prayer is so important to God? How does it demonstrate our dependence on Him and our desire for a relationship with Him?
  3. How does the fact that God notices and hears our prayers impact your understanding of prayer? How does it encourage you to pray more fervently?
  4. Spurgeon suggests that a sincere prayer life is a mark of true Christianity. How does prayer reveal the sincerity of our faith? How can we cultivate a more vibrant prayer life?
  5. What are some practical ways we can prioritize prayer in our daily lives? How can we overcome obstacles and distractions that hinder our prayer life?
  6. Spurgeon warns the ungodly about the consequences of a prayerless life. How does a lack of prayer separate us from God and hinder our relationship with Him? How can we encourage and pray for those who do not yet know Christ?
  7. Reflect on the quote from the hymn at the end of the sermon. How does prayer sustain and strengthen our souls, even in times of weakness and brokenness?


Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the power of prayer and the privilege of coming before your throne. Help us to prioritize prayer in our lives and to seek a deeper relationship with you through prayer. Give us the desire and discipline to spend time in prayer each day, knowing that you hear and answer our prayers. We pray for those who do not yet know you, that they may come to understand the importance of prayer and seek a relationship with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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